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Manitoba Liberal candidate says he was attacked in apartment building

Aug 20 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — A candidate in the upcoming Manitoba provincial election says he had to call police after being attacked while door-knocking in a Winnipeg apartment building. Jeffrey Anderson, who is running for the Liberals in the St. Vital constituency in south Winnipeg, said he was canvassing voters along with two supporters Monday afternoon when a man at one […]

Is ‘ass’ too crass? Opinions in Manitoba’s political class are at an impasse

Aug 15 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — Opinions are divided on Manitoba's election campaign trail about whether using "ass" to describe your opponent is run-of-the-mill sass or a term too crass for the political class. The New Democrats released two videos this week, in advance of the Sept. 10 provincial election, that use the word against Tory Leader Brian Pallister. Each ad features […]

Health care dominates debate on Day 3 of the Manitoba election campaign

Aug 14 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — Manitoba's Progressive Conservatives promised more money for health care on the campaign trail Wednesday, focusing on a file that one political analyst says is the incumbent party's weak spot. Tory Leader Brian Pallister said if his party is re-elected Sept. 10, the province's $6.5 billion health-care budget will receive an additional $2 billion, spread out […]

A recycled slogan, trees and attack ads on Day 2 of Manitoba election campaign

Aug 13 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — In a provincial election with a major focus on the environment, it seems even a slogan can be recycled. Manitoba Progressive Conservatives have adopted the phrase "Moving Manitoba Forward" for their campaign leading to the Sept. 10 vote. The slogan is, word for word, the same one the New Democrats under former premier Greg Selinger used in the 2016 election, which […]

Former backroom guy: Manitoba Liberal leader in spotlight ahead of election

Aug 12 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — Manitoba's Liberal leader has gone from political backrooms to elected office after winning a seat in the legislature last year. Dougald Lamont had spent years writing speeches and platforms for others, but now the 50-year-old has a voice of his own. "These are a lot of my ideas that I would like to be able […]

A troubled past and attacks from opponents have not deterred Manitoba NDP leader

Aug 12 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — To his supporters, Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew's troubled past is a story of personal redemption. To his opponents, it's one of a man who hasn't fully come clean about his actions and doesn't deserve the keys to the premier's office. Kinew, 37, has stayed on as Opposition leader despite previous criminal charges and revelations […]

Manitoba Tory Leader Brian Pallister favours results over popularity

Aug 12 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister genuinely appears to have little interest in being well-liked on a personal level. Pallister has repeatedly said politics is not a popularity contest and admits that people may not want to sit down with him and have a beer. He promotes himself as someone who may not be likable but, more […]

A list of 10 constituencies that should provide interesting races in Manitoba

Aug 12 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister has officially launched the campaign for Manitoba's Sept. 10 provincial election. Here are 10 races worth watching: Wolseley: The Manitoba Green Party came within 400 votes of winning its first seat here in 2016 and is optimistic based on Green breakthroughs elsewhere in Canada. The close race in 2016 was due […]

Manitoba Greens platform includes guaranteed basic income, rising carbon tax

Aug 9 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — The Manitoba Green Party is calling for a rising carbon tax and free public transit as politicians of all stripes gear up for a provincial election call due next week. The Greens released their campaign platform Friday, which includes a carbon tax of $50 per tonne that would start next year and increase every year by […]

High-income tax hike, controlled spending part of Manitoba NDP campaign plan

Aug 8 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — Manitoba New Democrats are promising to raise income taxes on high earners, boost the minimum wage and implement modest health-care spending increases if they win the Sept. 10 provincial election. The Opposition party released broad strokes of its campaign platform Thursday, with a promise to reveal details later. The document includes plans for a […]

Manitoba election campaign all but official as parties make promises

Aug 7 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — Manitoba's provincial election campaign is not officially underway, but the two main parties kicked their electoral machines into gear Wednesday with promises on health care and addiction treatment. Opposition NDP Leader Wab Kinew revealed his campaign van for the Sept. 10 election — a yellow and blue vehicle featuring a large picture of […]

Ousted Manitoba politician to run as Independent, denies groping allegation

Jul 22 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — A Manitoba politician who was kicked out of the governing Progressive Conservative caucus says he is running for re-election as an Independent and denies allegations he groped a fellow party member. Cliff Graydon had previously said he would retire from politics after being ejected from the government backbenches over inappropriate remarks made to female staff members at the […]

Manitoba wants to attract Quebec civil servants worried about clothing law

Jul 18 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is planning to recruit civil servants from Quebec who are concerned about a new law in the province banning religious symbols at work. Manitoba has a shortage of bilingual civil servants, Premier Brian Pallister says, and will send letters to Quebec professional organizations, colleges and other entities to invite public-sector […]

Commissioner finds Manitoba cabinet minister’s constituency group broke rule

Jul 17 2019 — Steve Lambert — WINNIPEG — A Progressive Conservative constituency association received roughly $850 in corporate donations at an event last year in violation of Manitoba's election financing law, provincial elections commissioner Bill Bowles has ruled. However, Bowles added that the infraction was unintentional and does not warrant any charges. "Although I have found that these contributions were made in contravention of the act, […]