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Majority of Canadians want public inquiry into Chinese state interference in this country’s politics

Jun 7 2023 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase — A majority of Canadians would like the Liberal government to call a public inquiry into Chinese state meddling in this country’s democracy and respond more forcefully to alleged election interference by Beijing, according to a poll. A Nanos Research survey, commissioned by The Globe and Mail and CTV News, also found 72 per cent of […]

Premiers’ Performance: Smith approval static after election win, Stefanson struggles ahead of October contest

Jun 7 2023 — — Manitoba premier’s approval remains at one-quarter for sixth consecutive quarter. As wildfires ravage the country from coast to coast, the crises in communities are manifold. Emergency responses must be marshalled. Firefighting efforts need to be coordinated. Residents forced from their homes need shelter. Most of these responsibilities rest on the shoulders of provincial governments where […]

New poll suggests voters view Poilievre as harder worker than rivals, while Trudeau seen as more likeable

May 31 2023 — Marco Vigliotti — A new poll has the Conservatives narrowly ahead of the governing Liberals in voting intentions, with Pierre Poilievre and Justin Trudeau neck-and-neck in the choice for best prime minister. The online survey, designed by Earnscliffe Strategies and conducted by Leger, also asked respondents for their impressions of the four major party leaders, using questions based […]

Alberta election boils down to Calgary voter turnout: Ipsos

May 29 2023 — — A new Ipsos poll done for Global News shows little change in party rankings and the results are in the hands of voters as the province gets ready for Monday’s election. The poll surveyed 1,300 Albertans, 51 per cent of whom favoured the United Conservative’s Danielle Smith over the NDP’s Rachel Notley (46 per cent). […]

Polls suggest Olivia Chow remains the front-runner in Toronto’s mayoral race. Will there be an ‘Anybody but Chow’ movement?

May 29 2023 — David Rider — With less than a month until Toronto chooses a new mayor, and after several head-to-head candidate debates, former NDP MP Olivia Chow retains a sizable lead, according to a new Forum Research poll for the Toronto Star. The survey of 1,007 Torontonians conducted Friday found Chow with the support of 34 per cent of decided […]

United Conservatives poised for victory in a very close Alberta election: Abacus Data Poll

May 28 2023 — David Coletto — Analyzing the final poll of an election is both an exciting and anxiety-inducing exercise, especially when the election is close. Throughout the pre-campaign and campaign periods in Alberta, I’ve tried to offer a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the province, starting with our first survey back in December. That survey suggested that Danielle […]

CBC News poll suggests United Conservative Party headed for victory in Alberta

May 26 2023 — — After trailing in the polls for years, the United Conservative Party appears poised to win a majority next Monday, according to a new CBC News poll. “If you asked me four months ago how I thought this election was going to turn out, I’d say the NDP was going cruise to victory,” said Calgary-based pollster […]

Election Interference: Canadians tilt towards calling for a public inquiry; majority call government response ‘evasive’

May 26 2023 — — David Johnston’s decision not to call a public inquiry into what the Trudeau government knew and how it reacted to attempted election interference by the Beijing regime caught many political watchers by surprise. New data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians leaning towards the view that the “special rapporteur” erred in judgment. A […]

UCP leads NDP in Alberta with one week to go.

May 22 2023 — David Coletto and Tim Powers — After the leaders’ debate last Thursday, we launched our second last survey of the campaign to gauge what impact the debate and campaign may be having on voting intentions. The survey was conducted from May 19 to 22, 2023, and surveyed 1,507 eligible voters in Alberta online. In this report, I specifically highlight the results […]

Tight Race in Alberta as Support for Minor Parties Fizzles

May 18 2023 — Mario Canseco — Rachel Notley is ahead of Danielle Smith when Albertans are asked who would make the best head of government. Alberta’s two main political parties are virtually tied as voters ponder their choices in the provincial election, a new Research Co. poll has found. In the online survey of a representative provincial sample, 49% of decided […]

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