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Twitter banning political ads in Canada until election campaign

Jun 26 2019 — Elizabeth Thompson — Online giant Twitter has decided to ban political ads in Canada in the lead-up to the federal election this fall. Faced with new election rules that kick in this weekend, Twitter says it won’t allow ads for parties and candidates until campaigning for the Oct. 21 vote begins. “Twitter will be prohibiting partisan and political […]

2015 redux: Scheer’s Conservatives are sticking with the Harper policy book

Jun 26 2019 — Aaron Wherry — “Stephen Harper with a smile” was the shorthand description embraced by both Andrew Scheer (while he was running for the Conservative leadership) and the Liberal Party, after Scheer became the second leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Two years and five “vision” speeches later, that description seems only more apt. That Scheer has so […]

Trudeau’s legislative record unlikely to motivate voters in the fall, with a few exceptions: pollsters

Jun 26 2019 — Peter Mazereeuw — Four years of lawmaking has left the Liberal government with a lengthy list of accomplishments and black marks, but only a few legal changes made or abandoned by the Trudeau government will likely play a significant role at the ballot box this October, say political observers. “There’s an old saying in politics: ‘Friends come and […]

Conservatives maintain the lead in national poll — but ‘it’s a much closer race than it looks’

Jun 25 2019 — Alex Boutilier — Regional differences in voting intentions across Canada are masking a close federal election race, according to the latest polling data from Forum Research. The opposition Conservatives still maintain a national edge in voting intentions, with 34 per cent of respondents to Forum’s late June poll saying they’d vote for Andrew Scheer’s party. The Liberal government […]

China unlikely to resume Canadian meat imports until political issues resolved, industry expert says

Jun 26 2019 — Nathan VanderKlippe — While Canada’s meat sector has pinned its hopes on a quick end to a suspension of Chinese imports, an industry expert warned that resolving the problem may depend on improving strained ties between the two countries, even as China’s foreign ministry renewed demands for the release of an arrested Huawei executive. The Chinese government on […]

Court undermines lobbying oversight in Aga Khan ruling, federal lawyers say

Jun 25 2019 — — Federal lawyers say the courts have undermined Canada’s regime for monitoring lobbyists’ activities by weighing in on the lobbying commissioner’s Aga Khan ruling, new court documents show. In April, the Federal Court ordered Nancy Bélanger, the Commissioner of Lobbying, to reconsider the decision not to investigate a complaint into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vacation with […]

RCMP access-to-information worker flagged as a security concern, says memo

Jun 26 2019 — Catharine Tunney — The RCMP were worried about “increased scrutiny” by journalists after an employee in their access to information office was red-flagged during a security review, according to a briefing note prepared for the commissioner. The national police force launched a review after the security unit raised concerns about the employee during a routine clearance interview last […]

Former PM Campbell rips Scheer’s climate plan

Jun 25 2019 — — Former Progressive Conservative prime minister Kim Campbell says that the Conservatives’ climate strategy falls short. “They produced a plan that has no targets,” she told Power and Politics host Vassy Kapelos in a recent interview, airing today. “It really is a sop, I think.” Unveiled by party leader Andrew Scheer last week, the plan would, […]

China considering halting all meat products from Canada over fake veterinary health certificates

Jun 25 2019 — — China is considering halting all meat imports from Canada starting Wednesday after the Canadian Food Inspection Agency notified China that it had discovered a number of fabricated veterinary health certificates in some meat products bound for China, according to a government official. China already has halted imports from three Canadian pork producers over food safety […]

Lobbying watchdog says glitch in system skewed volume of registrations

Jun 26 2019 — Beatrice Paez — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s tenure in office has undoubtedly brought a surge in lobbying activity, but a glitch in the registry’s system resulted in an overrepresentation of the number of lobbyists actively registered, says the commissioner. In its 2018 annual report, the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying (OCL) indicated there were 9,084 lobbyists registered […]