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What Canada would miss about Trump

Oct 28 2020 — Maura Forrest — ‘WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE’ — But can Keystone XL rise again harder and stronger? Anyone who’s followed the saga of this pipeline over the last dozen (!!!) years knows that placing bets is a fool’s game, as proponents and opponents alike have used politicians and the courts to sway the project’s fate.

The Democrats Are in More Danger Than They Know

Oct 26 2020 — Glen Pearson — One week today could see the smugfest of all smugfests.  If the polls are correct, America could be on the verge of a Democratic landslide.  Whatever Donald Trump has going in his favour, his bombast, and above all his lack of attention to a Covid-19 pandemic that continues to ascend ever higher at the worst […]

The First Global Order: Ascertaining Canada’s Position

Oct 26 2020 — Zach Paikin — Last week, 21CQ and GB held a two-day conference to probe the state and future of Canada after the pandemic. Along with UBC’s Michael Byers, Université Laval’s Anessa Kimball, former senior advisor to Canada’s minister of foreign affairs Jocelyn Coulon, and the Munk School’s Anvesh Jain, I was one of the participants featured on the […]