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A ‘Big Spending Announcement’ Budget

Apr 23 2021 — C. Scott Clark and Peter DeVries — On April 19t Minister Freeland delivered her long awaited budget- the government’s first budget in two years. By some measures, it was an impressive document: 740 pages long making it the longest budget document ever. The budget can best be described as a “big announcement” budget with proposed spending initiatives sprinkled around to everyone and […]

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s apologies mean nothing

Apr 23 2021 — Tanya Talaga — There have been many moments during this dark pandemic where, after hearing or seeing something chilling flash by in a news headline or on the radio or on social media, I’ve thought to myself: No, it cannot be, we cannot sink any lower, things just can’t get any worse. Perhaps you’ve felt the same way. […]

On This Day in Canada’s Political History: Birth of Lester Pearson

Apr 23 2021 — — As always at “Art’s History,” we pause to mark the birthdays of our Prime Ministers and today it is Lester Bowles Pearson’s turn. Canada’s 14th Prime Minister was born on this date in 1897 in Newtonbrook, a small town that was later consumed by the outward expansion of Toronto. As the son of a Minister, […]

Canadians deserve equal access to the internet

Apr 23 2021 — Byron Holland — Just as the pandemic exposed troubling gaps among factory workers, healthcare providers, and vulnerable communities it also laid bare a technology gap between city and country.  When lockdowns took hold and Canadians (who could) started working from home, we learned as never before that access to the internet is an essential service. But it is […]

Is Canada Still a Middle Power?

Apr 22 2021 — Zach Paikin — What are Canada’s interests in a shifting international order? This question presents two layers of difficulty. First, it requires that Canada think systematically and strategically about the scope of its core interests on the world stage, how to prioritize those goals, and how to achieve them. A laundry list of varied, disconnected wants is insufficient. […]

Canada boasts of strong borders while allowing flights from COVID-19 hotspots to land daily

Apr 22 2021 — Robyn Urback — On April 14, three flights from Delhi arrived in Canada carrying passengers infected with COVID-19. Though the number of infected passengers on each was not disclosed, Canadian authorities labelled multiple rows throughout the planes as “affected,” which would suggest that more than one passenger was carrying the virus. On April 15, two more flights from […]

Apology shows Ford is a changed man and deserves a chance to lead

Apr 22 2021 — Michael Taube — Ontario Premier Doug Ford has had a rough few weeks in office, to put it mildly. Ford has been criticized for announcing yet another provincial stay-at-home order due to escalating COVID-19 cases. Critics have blasted him for everything from keeping struggling businesses closed to halting in-person learning in Ontario schools on several occasions. He announced […]

How the premier of Ontario made himself irrelevant

Apr 22 2021 — Matt Gurney — If we strip away all the sideshows and diversions, there are three stories that matter in Ontario’s third-wave response today. They matter more than the premier’s obvious emotional struggle as he faced voters for the first time in nearly a week — via a video press conference from isolation at his late mother’s Etobicoke home […]

It’s too late for apologies. The crisis is here

Apr 22 2021 — John Michael McGrath — Premier Doug Ford is sorry. Sorry, he says, for his government’s panicked reaction to the legitimately frightening modelling it was presented with last week. It went too far because the cabinet moved too fast, he says, and he sincerely apologizes. The opposition at Queen’s Park — the New Democratic, Liberal, and Green MPPs — are […]

COVID is surging — and populist premiers won’t save us

Apr 22 2021 — Max Fawcett — Of all the controversial covers Maclean’s magazine has run over the years, few attracted a bigger backlash than its December 2018 edition. It featured Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer flanked by Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Brian Pallister and Scott Moe, all wearing their best blue suits and sporting their best tough-guy demeanours. The […]

Progressive profligacy will bring prolonged pain

Apr 22 2021 — Joe Oliver — Sadly, it was predictable. Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland tabled a profligate, something-for-everyone budget, with scant attention to affordability, economic growth or intergenerational fairness. As I forecast in a recent column that it would, it contains “extravagant spending in the guise of investment, undeserved self-congratulation, wokeness on steroids, empty promises of fiscal rectitude and soak-the-rich […]