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The Glorious Ungovernable Province of Alberta

May 20 2022 — Jen Gerson — The first time I had a proper conversation with Jason Kenney was about six years ago. The NDP were in power in Alberta; the federal Conservatives had cast about for a successor to Stephen Harper and, it was decided by silent consensus, said successor would not be Jason Kenney. So the former federal cabinet minister […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Birthday of New Brunswick Father of Confederation William Steeves

May 20 2022 — Arthur Milnes — Father of Confederation William Steeves was born on this date, in 1814, at Hillsborough, New Brunswick.  Steeves went on to become a highly successful businessman (including in N.B.’s emerging lumber industry) before entering colonial politics. Between 1846 until 1865 Steeves held a variety of important portfolios in various cabinets. Along the way he became a […]

Rachel Notley, still standing

May 20 2022 — Paul Wells — Alberta’s first NDP premier surveys the Kenney-less landscape. On the day after Alberta premier Jason Kenney got such a low vote of confidence in the United Conservative Party leadership review he announced his resignation from politics, Rachel Notley was taking calls. I had taken care to talk my way into the queue. “How much time […]

Ottawa needs to act to help Canada’s airports

May 20 2022 — Robin Guy — The Canadian aviation and tourism industries have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The myriad of public measures has resulted in a decline of travel by approximately 95% of 2019 levels and the financial cost is greater than 9/11, SARS, and the 2008 financial crisis combined.

History, Politics and Policy in the Conservative Leadership Race

May 20 2022 — Charles McMillan — Since the passing of Sir John A. Macdonald in 1891, the Conservative Party, under all the official titles through which it has cycled, has been, with the Liberal Party, one of two dominating Canada’s political landscape. Since Macdonald, only one Conservative prime minister, Brian Mulroney, has won two consecutive majorities. What lessons might be drawn […]

The ideals and principles that proved Jason Kenney’s undoing

May 20 2022 — Howard Anglin — Well, that’s one thing settled. After winning a majority of votes in the UCP leadership review, Jason Kenney announced he will step down as Alberta premier. At least he goes out on a winning streak — a perfect 13 for 13 in political contests by my count. If something sounds funny about a politician resigning […]

Conservative meltdowns: the cure is at the centre

May 19 2022 — Rick Peterson — We’re now witnessing, live and direct, leadership meltdowns in Alberta’s United Conservative Party and in the Conservative Party of Canada. It’s an ugly scene on both counts: the long, painful and twisting campaign leading to Premier Jason Kenney’s ouster in Alberta and an increasingly nasty, personal and divisive race for the Conservative Party of Canada […]

Jason Kenney defeated himself

May 19 2022 — Max Fawcett — Always bet on chaos. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after spending more than a decade in Alberta, it’s that politics here inevitably gravitates towards the most dramatic outcome. The long-running UCP leadership review, one that saw Jason Kenney receive just 51.4 per cent support from the 34,000-plus ballots cast, is just the latest data […]

Premier Jason Kenney deserved a better death

May 19 2022 — Don Martin — There’s a lesson for Canada’s political leaders in the short life and quick death of Jason Kenney as premier of Alberta. It’s one-strike-you’re-out politics now after Kenney got the weakest vote of confidence possible with a 51 per cent thumbs-up to his leadership from the United Conservative Party base. It’s an almost-unfathomable act of internecine […]

A lament for conservatism

May 19 2022 — Sean Speer — Jason Kenney’s swift resignation as United Conservative Party leader is a lamentable outcome for Canadian conservatism. It reflects the rise of an oppositional mindset on the Right that is bad for Conservative politics and the country as a whole to the extent that it marginalizes centre-right ideas and policies and enables progressives to govern essentially […]