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It took COVID-19 for Canada to finally treat people experiencing homelessness with some dignity and compassion. Let’s not stop

Jun 4 2020 — Heather Scoffield — Here’s a remarkable thing about the pandemic and its effects on Canada’s most vulnerable people: the homeless population has sidestepped disaster. Let’s not jinx it by calling it an outright success. Yes, vulnerable, low-income people are hit harder, and the homeless population in big cities across Canada are indeed suffering from COVID-19 and paralyzed by […]

Disunited Democracies Cannot Face the Challenge of China

Jun 4 2020 — Roland Paris — After China violated Hong Kong’s legislative autonomy by imposing a new security law on the territory, the United States and its traditional allies did something remarkable — they agreed. But this display of solidarity was fleeting. The US, UK, EU, Japan, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all issued critical statements. However, President Donald Trump then […]

Donald Trump is no Winston Churchill, and the comparison is ludicrous

Jun 4 2020 — John Ivison — It is advisable to tread lightly when wandering around the minefields of today’s culture wars. Nonetheless, I felt on solid ground in mocking the attempt by Donald Trump’s callow press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, to compare her boss to Winston Churchill. She suggested that Trump’s photo op on the steps of St. John’s Episcopal Church, across […]

Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protest

Jun 4 2020 — Peter MacKay — Today – on the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protest, an iconic demonstration and an important historical milestone — for the first time, the people of Hong Kong have been banned from holding a public vigil marking the date. The nominal reason is COVID-19. But the pattern of actions from the Chinese regime betray […]

The COVID Crisis Highlights the Crucial role of Spectrum in Canada

Jun 4 2020 — Dr. Robert Crandall — The coronavirus pandemic has added enormously to the daily load on Canada’s broadband networks. Fortunately, these networks are holding up well under this strain, a result of the carriers’ aggressive investment in network infrastructure. This investment has been spurred by Canada’s traditional policy of relying on facilities-based competition in the telecom sector. Facilities-based competition is […]

It’s uncomfortable and complex, but Canada’s border with the United States must reopen as soon as possible

Jun 4 2020 — John Ibbitson — Canada and the United States will almost certainly agree to keep the border between the countries closed beyond the current deadline of June 21. With the U.S. struggling to contain COVID-19, even as demonstrations rock American cities, some Canadians may wonder whether that border should reopen anytime soon. Yes it should. This country’s economic survival […]

Surveillance Capitalism: The Digital Dream Darkens

Jun 4 2020 — K.W. Grafton — “Surveillance Capitalism” is a term coined by Harvard Business professor Dr. Shoshana Zuboff in her 2019 masterpiece “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism – The Fight for a Human Future at the Frontier of Power”. It is defined as “a new economic order that claims human experience as free raw material for hidden commercial practices of […]