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The problem with modernizing (and the Governor General)

Jan 22 2021 — Paul Wells — I did a TV panel on Thursday night and of course we mulled the fallout from Julie Payette’s resignation. I can usually be counted on to relish a good Trudeau scandal, but this one doesn’t produce the usual thrill. The mistake was made in 2017, it was obvious pretty fast, and ignoring the problem—which is […]

Well done, everyone: Vaccines were our last line of defence, but now our governments have bungled that as well

Jan 22 2021 — Andrew Coyne — In the U.S., the media are full of fury at the sluggish pace of the country’s vaccination rollout. Headlines describe it as a “debacle,” a “disaster,” even a “total disaster,” and why not? As of Thursday, just 36 million doses had been distributed nationwide, of which 17.2 million had been administered, i.e. injected into people’s […]

How the Trudeau government can get control of the pandemic

Jan 22 2021 — Jörg Broschek — No, it’s not the virus’s fault as Ontario’s deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Barbara Yaffe suggested earlier this month. Observing the disastrous response to the second wave of the pandemic in Ontario has been unnerving – as a resident, parent and federalism scholar. To be fair, the public health crisis caused by COVID-19 […]

Alberta is owed and it’s time for the federal government to pay

Jan 22 2021 — John Ivison — Douglas Stuart’s Booker Prize winning novel about Hugh “Shuggie” Bain, a sensitive boy growing up in a tough housing estate near Glasgow in the 1980s while tending to his alcoholic mother, is a gripping, relentlessly grim portrayal of a society in transition from industrial hub to … well, at the time no-one was quite sure […]

On This Day in Canada’s Political History: Erin O’Toole, a Liberal victory at the polls (1874), Ed Schreyer, and the passing of Queen Victoria

Jan 22 2021 — Arthur Milnes — What an incredibly important day on the Canadian political history calendar. First off, as always, we start with birthdays. So, happy birthday from Kingston to Canada’s Leader of the Opposition, Erin O’Toole. Mr. O’Toole turns 48 today. Then, we should note that it was on this date in 1874 that Alexander Mackenzie and his Liberals […]

New Transport Minister Brings Clean Slate To Airline Pandemic Relief Negotiations

Jan 22 2021 — Massimo Bergamini — It is likely that there was more to last week’s surprise cabinet shuffle than just some pre-electoral housekeeping triggered by the decision of the former minister for innovation Navdeep Bains not to seek re-election. Considering the growing clamour over air service cuts that are leaving communities — in Atlantic Canada and elsewhere — isolated from […]

Julie Payette was never a good choice for governor general, and Justin Trudeau should have known it

Jan 21 2021 — Susan Delacourt — For the third time in her life, Julie Payette has been brought spectacularly down to earth. Payette’s descent from the post of governor-general, she will no doubt agree, was bumpier and longer-lasting than any experienced in the former astronaut’s two space missions. Her lengthy resignation statement did not exactly confirm the reports that led to […]

Keystone XL may be the end of Alberta’s risky investments

Jan 21 2021 — Kelly Cryderman — In the past, Alberta’s oil wealth has helped to soothe voter angst about risky investment bets. But with the Biden administration’s revocation of the presidential permit for the Keystone XL project Wednesday – which could be the final stop for the controversial pipeline after more than a decade of stops and starts – that era […]

Canada-China relations will change with Biden

Jan 21 2021 — Kevin G. Cai — It has been two years since the two “Michaels” were detained by Chinese authorities in response to Canada’s detention of Meng Wanzhou. Her arrest came at the request of the Trump administration under the Canada-U.S. extradition treaty. The consequence of these mutual detentions has been the derailment of Canada-China relations over the past two years. […]