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The Swindled and the Vile: America’s Bomb-less Blitz

Aug 13 2020 — Lisa Van Dusen — Years ago, when I first lived in Washington, D.C., the city was so paralyzed by snow one January Saturday that friends who came for lunch stayed five days. I wrote a column about how a hostile power could simply wait for what, in Canada, would be a good ski day to invade and hang an […]

No ‘back to normal’ after COVID-19: Health care should shift focus from treatment to prevention

Aug 13 2020 — Kaitlyn Kuryk — COVID-19 has placed a spotlight on the inequities of Canada’s current “curative” health-care system and the problems associated with viewing health policy in isolation from social factors. Post-COVID, we should not “go back to normal.” Instead, we should push for a health-care system that values prevention and acknowledges that all policy is health policy. We […]

Use police race-crime data properly, or don’t use it at all

Aug 13 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — Thirty-one years ago, then-police superintendent Julian Fantino released statistics suggesting Black people in a troubled Toronto community were disproportionately involved in crime. Fantino, who later became Toronto police chief and a cabinet minister in the Stephen Harper government, said he did it to counter allegations Toronto police were racist.

Women facing a firestorm of vicious hate

Aug 13 2020 — Heather Mallick — Wed., Aug. 12, 2020timer3 min. read “Can I speak with Catherine?” The man asking that question then began shouting obscenities at the office of Infrastructure and Communities Minister Catherine McKenna. It was a blizzard of violent and foul language. At one point, the man, filming himself, called her a “c—t.” One of the eeriest things? […]

Kamala Harris is not Canadian no matter how badly we want her to be

Aug 13 2020 — Emma Teitel — It’s not a secret that Canadians love to identify other Canadians who made it big in America, as in “Did you know that Ryan Reynolds is Canadian? Keanu Reeves? Kim Cattrall? Pamela Anderson? Michael J. Fox? Drake? Etc.”   However, what is perhaps less known about this national pastime of Canadian-spotting is that its focus extends […]

An insatiable need for spectrum

Aug 12 2020 — Mark Goldberg — The past 6 months have witnessed an unprecedented shift in the consumption of digital connectivity by Canadians whose lives and livelihoods have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Communications services providers have rapidly reconfigured their networks to accommodate the shifts in daytime traffic patterns from business centres to residential neighbourhoods; telecom carriers have extended the […]

Troubled Trudeau turns to the power of the pivot

Aug 12 2020 — Shachi Kurl — If the WE Charity scandal demonstrates — yet again — the ways in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is utterly incapable of avoiding political landmines related to ethics and conflicts of interest, it has also shown that he is more adroit at another manoeuvre: the pivot.

Ottawa’s fig-leaf excuse for inviting Chinese X-rays into Canada’s embassies just blew away

Aug 11 2020 — John Ivison — A story in the Taipei Times earlier this year detailed how a senior official in Taiwan’s airport security police was convicted of taking kickbacks related to a multimillion dollar contract to supply X-ray scanners to the Taiwanese government. Investigators alleged that the Chinese company supplying the scanners had sent a 30-something female sales manager to […]

We must insist on straight answers from Derek Sloan

Aug 11 2020 — Michael Coren — Derek Sloan won’t win this month’s Conservative Party leadership, but the MP for Hastings—Lennox and Addington will be influential in deciding who does become the new leader of the opposition. The darling of social conservatives and the Christian right, he’s positioned himself as an almost Trump-like figure and was rightly criticized when he questioned the […]

How We Handle the End of CERB Will Determine our Future

Aug 11 2020 — Glen Pearson — Communities across Canada are holding their collective breath awaiting the expiration of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).  The reason is simple: what comes next is unclear. For significant periods during the pandemic CERB was both a life-saver and an emotional boost in a time of deep concern.  It successfully rounded off the harsh edges […]