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Atwal affair exposes tension in Canadian politics that still exists over Sikh extremism

Feb 22 2018 — John Ivison — Ujjal Dosanjh is disappointed a “monkey wrench” has been thrown into the works of the Canada-India relationship. But he’s happy the “poison” of Khalistani separatism, and its influence on domestic Canadian politics, has been exposed by the revelation that a man convicted of attempted murder, Jaspal Atwal, was invited to an event attended by Justin […]

Ontario voters deserve better than a political gong show

Feb 22 2018 — Margaret Wente — Patrick Brown reminds me of a really bad boyfriend. The more you find out about him, the worse it gets. There’s something sneaky and sharp about the way he operates. His taste for age-inappropriate women is a little creepy. Everything is always all about him. Add it up and he’s just too weird. So you […]

After an awkward India visit, will Trudeau learn his lesson?

Feb 22 2018 — Sonya Fatah — Photo ops have limitations, as Justin Trudeau is learning on his inaugural visit to India as Prime Minister of Canada. Mr. Trudeau may not have thought family photographs shot against the backdrop of the magnificent Taj Mahal or in the rustic confines of the elephant conservation centre in Mathura would backfire. If the delegation returns […]

Justin Trudeau in the real world

Feb 22 2018 — Paul Wells — When travelling abroad, it is handy to bear in mind that the people you will meet are real people with real lives. Justin Trudeau likes to preface his answer to any question about any secession movement anywhere with, “Well, as a Quebecer…” He needs to stop saying that. When he says that, he seems to […]

Justin Trudeau’s trip to India could hardly be going worse

Feb 22 2018 — Terry Glavin — In defence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, nothing that has occurred during his state visit to India, at least so far, quite matches the scene U.S. president George H.W. Bush made at a formal dinner in Tokyo in 1992. Out of the blue, the president turned to Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, vomited all over […]

Congratulations on Patrick Brown’s candidacy, Kathleen Wynne

Feb 22 2018 — Robyn Urback — Patrick Brown is doing this for you, Ontario. This is not about clearing his name — though he has said he’s on a mission to clear his name. This is not about exacting revenge on his enemies — but don’t forget that a small group of insiders is trying to derail him and his campaign. […]

Against the sabotaging noise, women are devoted to getting the work done

Feb 22 2018 — Vicky Mochama — After trying to ignore the Climate Change Barbie insult coined by alt-right website Rebel Media, environment minister Catherine McKenna snapped when a former Conservative minister used the smear late last year. Rather than continue to ignore it, and against the advice of her staff, she answered a question about it during a scrum. “My daughters […]

Marijuana: The Reality

Feb 22 2018 — Vernon White — Most of the public discussion today focuses on legalization of marijuana, what the impact will be and how provinces and territories will manage the legislation. As the legislation winds itself through the parliamentary system we have heard a lot of talk, but I believe we should understand the impact and issues that we will face. […]

Gender gap narrative for federal budget is a virtue born of necessity

Feb 21 2018 — John Ivison — With less than a week until the federal budget, many Canadians are eagerly awaiting the finance minister’s fiscal update. But what if Bill Morneau has nothing important to communicate? Just as aspiring rock bands encounter difficult second album syndrome, so governments experience meaningless third budget disorder. The Liberals proved they could spend like Russian oligarchs […]