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How Ottawa can help fix health care: first, send less money

Jan 27 2023 — Andrew Coyne — The early 2000s were a fertile period for health care reform. The deficit reduction battles of the previous decade had left their mark. Federal transfers to the provinces had fallen to just over 2 per cent of GDP, half what they were at their peak. Provinces had in turn been forced to curb spending across […]

Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre need to stop insulting each other

Jan 27 2023 — John Ibbitson — We like to blame social media or pandemic stress or economic hardship for what feels like growing political polarization. But our leaders fan the flames. Which is why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre should stop insulting each other. Mr. Trudeau started the latest dust-up. When Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star […]

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith with peace offering to Justin Trudeau

Jan 26 2023 — David Staples — Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has suddenly and dramatically moved off her scorched earth stance against the Trudeau Liberal’s Just Transition plan to radically change the Canadian economy in the name of slashing carbon emissions. In a new letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Smith invites Trudeau to meet in February with the goal of negotiating […]

Charles Sousa enters parliament as a different kind of Trudeau Liberal

Jan 26 2023 — Geoff Russ — This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet met for a three-day retreat in Hamilton to plan for the government’s legislative and policy agenda for the upcoming parliamentary session. One voice who wasn’t around the Cabinet table but may be in the near future is Charles Sousa. The former Ontario finance minister will officially […]

Stepping on Rakes

Jan 26 2023 — Rick Peterson — One of Canada’s leading portfolio managers told me something a week ago that keeps popping into my mind. “One of the most important things a pension fund manager knows,” he said “is not to do anything that puts you on the front page of the newspapers.” That makes sense. The only time you really see […]

New health deal could help heal fractured nation

Jan 26 2023 — John Ivison — Canada is not broken, the prime minister insists, and to prove it, he has invited the premiers to Ottawa next month to finalize a new health-care deal. It’s a risky move. Parliament Hill is used to rabble rousers in February, after the occupation by the Freedom Convoy last year. The premiers may not bring their […]

Follow the money on private health care threat

Jan 25 2023 — Christopher Holcroft — I cherish medicare. As a teenager, I suffered a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction while on vacation in another province. My parents rushed me to the nearest hospital emergency room where I was rapidly treated and kept overnight for observation before resuming my holiday. Three years ago, my mother underwent complex cancer surgery that required significant rehabilitation. […]

Norms and the Notwithstanding Clause: In 2023, all Human Rights Erosions are Global

Jan 25 2023 — Lisa Van Dusen — At a time when human rights are under attack across the globe — when the executions of Iranian protesters, the revocation of reproductive rights for American women, Russia’s daily brutality against Ukrainians, the accumulating atrocities of Myanmar’s military and a whole range of Orwellian violations of privacy and human integrity make up just the first […]

Why private health care will save lives

Jan 25 2023 — Jaime Watt — A fearlessly pragmatic intervention or a desecration of our national fabric and everything we hold dear? A slippery slope certain to trigger a mass exodus of public health care workers or an innovative plan to boost collaboration and ease the burden across a strained-to-the-breaking point sector? Or, finally, rerouting water away from the dam (to […]

Peter MacKay’s F-35 Revisionism

Jan 25 2023 — Colin Horgan — Canada’s former defence minister has always struggled with the facts about our next fighter jet. “The facts truly speak for themselves,” Canada’s former defence minister Peter MacKay triumphantly wrote last Monday in the Toronto Sun. He was talking about the F-35 fighter jet. Its procurement is among Canada’s lengthiest, and ended officially earlier this month […]