National Newswatch

Is there an urban-rural divide in Canada?

Oct 16 2019 — Andrew Parkin — With Canada’s population increasingly concentrated in a small number of large metropolitan areas, the question often arises: do the values, interests and concerns of citizens in cities differ from those of their counterparts living in smaller cities or towns across the country? Is there a specific metropolitan mindset or set of experiences that distinguishes those […]

Andrew Scheer is in a prime ministerial frame of mind

Oct 15 2019 — — Prime Minister Andrew Scheer. It may take some Canadians a little time to wrap their heads around that prospect — and of course, there is that small matter of an actual election to get out of the way first — but the Conservative leader is clearly getting in that frame of mind. Over the past […]

The noise and the stakes

Oct 15 2019 — Paul Wells — Much of what’s happened in this miserable campaign has been healthy. If the seat projections from our friend Philippe J. Fournier are accurate, the two largest parties have both lost support since the campaign began. And the worst part of the campaign was the nine days that began with the TVA French debate on Oct. […]

Justin Trudeau, the great unifier, has one big regret

Oct 15 2019 — John Ivison — Barrelling down the freeway from Fredericton toward Nova Scotia it becomes clear why Canada was born as a nation of hewers of wood and drawers of water. The riot of New Brunswick’s fall colours — leaves of amber, flaming burgundy and copper — lined the route as Justin Trudeau made a whistle-stop tour of Atlantic […]

Après les débats, une nouvelle donne

Oct 15 2019 — Michel C. Auger — Ceux qui pratiquent l’art, parce que ce n’est quand même pas une science, de prédire le résultat des circonscriptions à partir des sondages laissent maintenant entrevoir de nouvelles possibilités, et ce, pour la première fois de la campagne. Alors que les libéraux étaient, depuis le déclenchement de la campagne, assez confortablement en avance, on peut […]