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Mar 22 2023 — Sam Cooper

Liberal MP Han Dong, who is at the centre of Chinese influence allegations, privately advised a senior Chinese diplomat in February 2021 that Beijing should hold off freeing Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, according to two separate national security sources. Both sources said Dong allegedly suggested to Han Tao, China’s consul general in Toronto, that […]

Mar 22 2023 —

Steven Sutton, a U.S. campaign strategist, was speaking at the Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference. An American conservative strategist is apologizing for making what he called a “dumb joke” about having an opportunity to kill the prime minister. Steven Sutton, an executive of the Leadership Institute — a U.S. conservative strategy firm — was […]

Mar 22 2023 —

From March 17 to 21, 2023, Abacus Data conducted a national survey of 1,963 adults exploring several topics related to Canadian politics and current events as part of our regular national omnibus surveys. Expect releases on Biden’s visit to Ottawa (out tomorrow), David Johnston’s appointment (out Friday), and a pre-budget review of public opinion about […]

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Mar 22 2023 —

Canada’s Ambassador to the U.S. Kirsten Hillman says the country’s relationship with its American counterparts required rebuilding after the Trump administration. On CTV’s Power Play Wednesday, host Vassy Kapelos asked Hillman if she agreed with a characterization that the relationship needed to be rebuilt. “Yes, I do, in some respects I think it did require […]

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Mar 22 2023 — Alex Ballingall

A Liberal MP from Toronto says he has received “hateful comments” and “death threats” since he was accused in a media report of knowingly receiving help from Beijing as part of the Chinese government’s alleged interference in Canadian democracy. Speaking Tuesday for the first time since the allegations were reported by Global News in February, […]

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Today in Canada’s Political History: Ernie Eves elected Ontario PC leader, replacing Mike Harris

Mar 23 2023 — Arthur Milnes

Veteran Ontario MPP Ernie Eves was elected his province’s Tory leader on this date in 2002. He was replacing Mike Harris who had stepped down after receiving back-to-back majority mandates from voters in Canada’s largest province. Under Harris, Eves had served as both Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance. Eves officially became Premier of Ontario […]

They’re Just Not That Into China

Mar 23 2023 — Glen Pearson

The reasons why we stop paying attention to media and political narratives are many, and occasionally, they bring about a growing disconnect between Canadians in general and those who are supposed to be taking care of their public affairs and reporting on them.  We appear to be undergoing such a distancing at present. There are […]

Trudeau’s pledge of open government has become a farce

Mar 23 2023 — Lorrie Goldstein

Whatever happened to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise of “open and transparent government” when he was elected in 2015? “It is time to shine more light on government and ensure it remains focused on the people it is meant to serve,” Trudeau declared in his campaign platform that year.

Alberta just stepped on a rake — again

Mar 22 2023 — Max Fawcett

Timing, as they say, is everything. And the timing right now for opponents of the federal government’s much-maligned Impact Assessment Act couldn’t be much worse. Arguments around the constitutionality of the act, which has been widely branded as the “no more pipelines” law by conservative politicians and premiers, are being heard by the Supreme Court […]

Like Biden, Trudeau Should Put Good Union Jobs on the Agenda

Mar 22 2023 — Bea Bruske

Behind the smiles and handshakes when a U.S. president visits Canada are long hours of painstaking negotiations. Officials plan the trip to the minute and fight it out over every item on the agenda. An agenda that will no doubt include U.S. protectionism and ‘Buy American’ policies, North American supply chain disruptions, and more. But […]

Pierre Poilievre needs a Common Sense Revolution of his own

Mar 21 2023 — John Ibbitson

There are all sorts of reasons to question Pierre Poilievre’s proposed Blue Seal program, which would federally certify doctors and nurses who did not study in Canada. Would we accept doctors who performed their residency in another country? How would Ottawa convince provincial licensing bodies to recognize their qualifications? But that’s not what matters. What […]

Why do so many men dislike Justin Trudeau?

Mar 20 2023 — Susan Delacourt

Justin Trudeau has now said it twice — there are Canadians, he admits, who won’t believe him, no matter what he says. Who are these Canadians? They are obviously not Liberal supporters, the prime minister says. “No matter what I say, people are going to wonder — if they didn’t vote for me — whether […]

Mar 20 2023 — John Ibbitson

The strong opposition to David Johnston’s appointment as special rapporteur investigating Chinese interference in elections reveals how our times, and our politics, have changed. In a previous column, I suggested that Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre should accept Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s choice of Mr. Johnston on the grounds that the former governor-general was appointed to […]

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Mar 22 2023 — Arthur Milnes

Canada’s Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, and U.S. President Richard Nixon spoke on the telephone on this date in 1973. Nixon initiated the call as he and his Administration hoped Canada would remain part of the International Commission for Control and Supervision for Vietnam. Trudeau was under great domestic pressure to order Canada’s withdrawal from the largely […]

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Mar 21 2023 — Jaime Watt

Should governments be in the business of picking winners and losers? Well, for many conservatives, including this one, the answer was always no. And the answer was no for a very good reason: governments are very bad at it. But here’s a news flash: in today’s economic climate, the debate is over and our governments […]

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Mar 19 2023 — Geoffrey Stevens

No one in their right mind would have volunteered for the job of the “special rapporteur” to chart a path through the tangled web of accusations, leaked intelligence reports, public controversy and political partisanship that surrounds allegations that agents of the Chinese state interfered in the two most recent federal elections. Only a rare individual, […]

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Mar 19 2023 — Susan Delacourt

Last weekend, the phone lines were buzzing between the governing Liberals and the New Democratic Party. The two parties were talking about how to grapple with the currently red-hot topic of foreign interference in Canadian elections. Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh spoke, leader to leader. Other senior advisers from both parties were discussing how to […]

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Mar 19 2023 — Colin Robertson

Meetings with an American presidents on Canadian turf present rare opportunities for Canadian prime ministers. The overnight visit this Thursday and Friday, March 23-24 — especially the face-to-face time that Justin Trudeau will have with Joe Biden — must be used as effectively as possible. Success means differentiating between the transactional and the important. Discussion […]

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Topless protester crashes Junos broadcast, Weeknd wins 5th award

Mar 14 2023 —

A wildly unpredictable Juno Awards unfolded on Monday as a topless protester charged the stage, leading to some feisty words from Avril Lavigne, while an absent the Weeknd emerged the top winner this year. With a few twists and turns, Canada’s biggest celebration of music did away with its typically tame proceedings shortly after the […]


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