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Sep 27 2023 — Neil Moss

After a former member of a Nazi Waffen-SS unit was recognized and received a standing ovation from Parliamentarians in the House Chamber, which has now led to the resignation of the House Speaker, observers say it leaves a “black eye” on Canada’s international standing, with Poland embarking on a path of potential extradition. House Speaker […]

Ottawa unveils new AI code of conduct for Canadian companies

Sep 27 2023 — Elizabeth Thompson

The federal government has unveiled a voluntary code of conduct for the use of advanced generative artificial intelligence systems in Canada that includes commitments to transparency and avoiding bias. Speaking at the All In conference on AI in Montreal on Wednesday, Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne said the code will complement legislation making its way through […]

Sep 26 2023 — Ian Campbell

It took four days from when a Nazi solider was honoured in the House of Commons to when the Speaker who welcomed him offered his resignation—but that outcome was always going to be the case because “it was just not tenable for him to stay there,” say observers. “It was the only option,” said former […]

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Sep 27 2023 —

The final moments of murdered B.C. Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar were caught on camera, according to members of the Surrey gurdwara where he served as president. Nijjar was gunned down in his truck outside the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara on the evening of June 18. The killing has became a major diplomatic flashpoint this […]

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Sep 26 2023 —

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says he received an intelligence briefing about allegations that the Indian government could be behind the killing of a Sikh leader in British Columbia. Singh says after learning more information, he can “confirm” that “clear evidence” of India’s involvement exists. He received the briefing days after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau […]

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Rota’s gavel falls — the undeniable case for the speaker to resign

Sep 26 2023 — Fred DeLorey

In the typically calm domain of Canadian politics, the unsavoury spectacle orchestrated by House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota has jolted the political and public conscience. The misstep of inviting and acknowledging a World War II veteran for fighting against the Russians, only to later unveil that his fight was as a member of the […]

The colonial project called Canada is outdoing itself

Sep 27 2023 — Erica Ifill

Did the prime minister just gaslight the entire country by claiming the Second World War history we all learned, and were tested on in school, is Russian propaganda? We need a ctrl-alt-delete restart on this colonial project we call Canada. Speaker Anthony Rota has apologized and subsequently resigned for inviting Yaroslav Hunka, who fought with […]

Canada’s shame is Ukraine’s disaster

Sep 26 2023 — Andrew Potter

Up until the fiasco of Parliament giving a standing ovation to a 98-year-old Ukrainian-Canadian named Yaroslav Hunka, who, it turned out, had fought with the Waffen SS against the Soviets in the Second World War, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s North American tour had gone reasonably well.

Sep 24 2023 — Michelle Rempel Garner

Over the summer, something remarkable happened. Women, across every voting demographic, started migrating their voting intention away from the Liberal government. But that trend shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that economic data from that period suggests that high interest rates and sustained high inflation – particularly in the cost of fuel and groceries – […]

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