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Oct 28 2020 — John Paul Tasker

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on Canadians suffering from mental illness, opioid addiction and other substance abuse problems, says a new study released today by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) which confirms anecdotal reports warning that the pandemic’s health consequences extend well beyond COVID-19 itself. Efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 […]

Oct 28 2020 —

Don Mazankowski, who served as member of Parliament for decades and was also the former director of ATCO, passed away Tuesday night. He was 85. In the House of Commons Wednesday afternoon, a moment of silence was held in honour of Mazankowski. ATCO also confirmed the news to Global News, describing Mazankowski as “insightful, engaged […]

Oct 28 2020 — Rachel Aiello

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says that “either outcome” of next week’s U.S. presidential election will “be significant for Canada.” During a virtual speech to the Toronto Global Forum, Freeland said—as Trudeau has in the past—that the federal government is preparing behind the scenes for the various potential scenarios that the […]

Premier Moe promises increased autonomy for Sask. but says no to separation

Oct 28 2020 —

Premier Scott Moe says his pledge for a “strong and independent Saskatchewan” is related to increasing provincial autonomy and not separating from Confederation. In his victory speech Monday night, Moe said his re-elected Saskatchewan Party “will always stand up for a strong and independent Saskatchewan. We will stand up for Saskatchewan because there is simply […]

Canada quietly prepares for the possible challenges of a Biden presidency

Oct 28 2020 — Chris Hall

Joe Biden dropped in on Ottawa back in December 2016 — just a month before becoming the former U.S. vice president — to salute a Canadian-American relationship that would soon be tested by Donald Trump. “The partnership between Canada and the United States is among the most robust, most complex and most important in the […]

Oct 28 2020 — Rachel Aiello

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam is calling for “structural change” across health, social, and economic sectors in the wake of COVID-19, in a new report highlighting the successes and shortfalls in the country’s pandemic response to date. In the Public Health Agency’s annual report made public on Wednesday, Tam offers new insights […]

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Oct 28 2020 — Neil Moss

A former foreign affairs correspondent seeking the Conservative nomination in an Ottawa-area Liberal-held riding wants the government’s handling of the Canada-China relationship to be an election issue. Traditionally, foreign policy issues have played a marginal role in Canadian elections. “They say foreign policy never is a big deal in Canadian elections since the Second World […]

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What Canada would miss about Trump

Oct 28 2020 — Maura Forrest

‘WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE’ — But can Keystone XL rise again harder and stronger? Anyone who’s followed the saga of this pipeline over the last dozen (!!!) years knows that placing bets is a fool’s game, as proponents and opponents alike have used politicians and the courts to sway the project’s fate.

The Democrats Are in More Danger Than They Know

Oct 26 2020 — Glen Pearson

One week today could see the smugfest of all smugfests.  If the polls are correct, America could be on the verge of a Democratic landslide.  Whatever Donald Trump has going in his favour, his bombast, and above all his lack of attention to a Covid-19 pandemic that continues to ascend ever higher at the worst […]

I think this Parliament is broken

Oct 26 2020 — Paul Wells

A reporter was unfortunate enough to ask Anita Anand how MPs are supposed to know whether the government’s getting value for money on its COVID-19-related procurement. This was more than Anand, who is the minister of public services and procurement, could take. “I find the phrase ‘value for money’ really quite interesting,” she said. “What […]

Oct 26 2020 — Zach Paikin

Last week, 21CQ and GB held a two-day conference to probe the state and future of Canada after the pandemic. Along with UBC’s Michael Byers, Université Laval’s Anessa Kimball, former senior advisor to Canada’s minister of foreign affairs Jocelyn Coulon, and the Munk School’s Anvesh Jain, I was one of the participants featured on the […]

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Oct 25 2020 — Rick Bell

I can’t believe I’m giving up watching the movie Patton. For this. Maybe it’s because the United Conservatives have a convention by computer and not up close and personal. Maybe it’s because Premier Jason Kenney is sitting self-isolated in front of his computer doing his speechifying with no live audience. Maybe it’s because these days […]

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Jon Stewart will be back in the host’s chair for Apple TV+

Oct 28 2020 —

Jon Stewart is returning to TV, more than five years after bowing out as host of “The Daily Show” and with a new home at Apple TV+. Stewart will host an hour-long, current affairs series that will explore topics of national interest as well as his advocacy work, the streaming service said Tuesday. He has […]


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