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Aug 16 2022 —

Statistics Canada is expected to release July’s inflation data this morning. Economists believe the inflation rate may have already peaked given the recent drop in gas prices, which fuelled May and June’s inflation reading. RBC is forecasting the year-over-year inflation rate fell from a nearly 40-year high of 8.1 per cent in June to 7.7 […]

If Poilievre wins leadership, but fails to pivot to the centre, Quebec Tory MP Godin says he will ‘reflect’ on his own ‘future political life’

Aug 15 2022 — Abbas Rana

The Conservative Party will elect a new leader on Sept. 10, but already one Quebec Conservative MP is warning that the results could cause him to re-evaluate his future with the party. The unity of the Conservative Party after the leadership election will depend largely on the direction the new leader decides to take, says […]

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What the Trump raid could mean for polarized politics in Canada

Aug 15 2022 — Supriya Dwivedi

Trumpism 2.0 and what it means for Canada Ever since Donald Trump became president, the Canadian commentariat has often blamed unpalatable aspects of our own political discourse on Trumpism. Kellie Leitch proposing a Canadian values test? Trumpism! Quebec passing laws to ban religious garb? Trumpism! Doug Ford becoming premier of Ontario in 2018? Trumpism! And, […]

Jason Kenney has his say on election front-runner Danielle Smith’s Sovereignty Act: Alberta would be a ‘laughingstock’

Aug 15 2022 — Kelly Cryderman

Jason Kenney has avoided saying much about the United Conservative Party contest that will see him replaced as leader and Premier this October. “I’m not going to get into being a colour commentator on the leadership election,” he says. But at some moments, he can’t help himself. This was on full display as Mr. Kenney […]

COVID-19 responses were always going to be inequitable

Aug 15 2022 — Nakia Lee-Foon

COVID-19 was always going to be inequitable as many Canadian health-care systems failed to learn from previous pandemics. As a result, they didn’t implement equitable practices, which helped ensure inequities would occur in this pandemic. Take, for example, an Ontario study that found hospitalized individuals during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic were more likely to have […]

Merrick Garland should not fold, here’s why

Aug 15 2022 — Michael Harris

“We are moving closer and closer to a fascist form of government, where we no longer believe in the rule of law.” William Cohen, former U.S. secretary of defence, is not the first person to call out the Republican Party for its fact-denying, fascist ways. But when he recently said those words on CNN, they […]

With the Centre Ice Conservatives

Aug 11 2022 — Paul Wells

It’s hardly the first time some people got together in Canada and said, “Let’s not.” According to legend, the country itself was founded, in part, by opters-out. At the time they were called United Empire Loyalists. They found George Washington and his lot a bit rambunctious. Their influence persists. On Thursday the Loyalists’ spiritual descendents […]

Vicious online attacks won’t silence voices in Canadian media

Aug 12 2022 — Donovan Vincent

When it comes to the news and information we consume these days, there’s a broader variety of voices and viewpoints — female, Black, Asian, Muslim, Indigenous, members of the LGBTQ community, etc. — than was the case when I first entered journalism many years ago. Canadians have benefited immensely from this change, in my opinion. […]

Aug 11 2022 — Robyn Urback

The vacuously comforting, deceptive words Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones uttered in response to the crisis plaguing the province’s health care system should be blasted over loudspeakers across Ontario’s emergency rooms (the ones that are still open). “Let’s be clear: There is not a crumbling system in the province of Ontario.” Her voice will bellow […]

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Aug 10 2022 — Bob Rae

The death this week of former foreign affairs minister Bill Graham has rightly given rise to many tributes and prompted the sharing of many memories. After a number of health challenges, Bill’s passing was not a complete shock, but for many of us, especially his wife Cathy, his family and many close friends, it has […]

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Aug 15 2022 — Arthur Milnes

British politician Winston Churchill had quite the tour of Canada’s Parliament Buildings on this date in 1929. After all, the guide for his sight-seeing occasion was none other than Prime Minister Mackenzie King himself! Churchill was shown the House chamber and also visited the cabinet room, then located in East Block.  Prime Minister King made […]

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Aug 14 2022 — Arthur Milnes

The world’s eyes were on Placentia Bay, Newfoundland on this date in 1941 where U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had held talks the previous three days. They signed the Atlantic Charter which was announced to the world on August 14, 1941. The agreement made it clear that FDR and America […]

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Aug 11 2022 — Mark Winfield

Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives went into the 2018 Ontario election campaign promising, among other things, to fix the province’s “hydro mess.” In practice, fixing the hydro “mess” turned out to be a lot more complicated than it sounded. In the end, the first Ford government did little more than double down on its Liberal predecessor’s […]

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Lisa LaFlamme ‘blindsided’ by cancellation of contract with CTV

Aug 15 2022 —

Veteran news anchor Lisa LaFlamme says she was “blindsided” as Bell Media ended her contract at CTV National News after 35 years, a “business decision” it says will move the chief news anchor role in “a different direction.” In a subsequent press release, CTV said the decision to end LaFlamme’s contract was due to “changing […]


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