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May 15 2021 —

Advocates, experts and opposition MPs say correspondence showing close communication between the federal Transport Department and the Canadian Transportation Agency around passenger refunds throws into question the independence of the CTA, an arm’s-length regulator. Emails tabled with the House of Commons transport committee reveal that senior officials last spring were in frequent contact about the […]

May 15 2021 — Sarah Turnbull

As several provinces suspend the first dose of AstraZeneca, and questions remain about whether a second shot will be green-lighted, the researcher who oversaw the development of the vaccine says the move is not only flawed but may lead to serious consequences. Oxford University regius professor of medicine Sir John Bell told CTV News’ Question […]

May 16 2021 —

Five years after assisted dying was legalized in Canada, lawmakers are preparing to review the system that has permitted thousands of Canadians to choose the time and place of their deaths. In 2016, Canada became one of a small number of countries to allow certain adults to request a doctor’s help in bringing about their […]

Vaccine acceptance is on the rise

May 15 2021 — Bruce Anderson

The latest tracking polling by Abacus Data shows that the number of people who are willing to be vaccinated is on the rise, and the number of people hesitant or refusing to take a Covid-19 vaccine is at a new low. Abacus has been providing data on vaccine opinions to a volunteer Task Group of […]

May 15 2021 —

An Alberta separatist party hopes the United Conservative Party’s internal clashes will help its upstart movement grow. Paul Hinman, interim leader of the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta, says he’s had confidential conversations with several UCP MLAs who are frustrated with their current party. The Thursday vote by UCP caucus members to expel MLAs Todd […]

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New polling shows deep changes in who Canadians trust — most politicians are down, while scientific community and smaller businesses are up

May 16 2021 — Jaime Watt

As winter melts into spring and vaccination rates rise steadily, the end of the pandemic has, mercifully, begun. The indescribable events we have lived through this past year and a half have shaken us to our core, leading us to question our most fundamental beliefs — about the role of government, business and other institutions, […]

We need science, not politics, to guide Canada’s re-opening

May 16 2021 — Lorne Gunter

The Americans’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the well-known CDC) had a major conversion this week. It finally let the science of COVID (and not the politics) drive its decision on what vaccinated Americans can and cannot do once they’ve had their shots. According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people have a very low […]

Weak conflict law rewarded Trudeau for unethical behaviour

May 16 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein

When it comes to political ethics, little is expected of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — and he seldom disappoints. For example, his conduct in the WE Charity affair. Contrary to myth, Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion’s report on Trudeau last week was not an exoneration of Trudeau’s conduct, but a searing indictment of it.

The deeper roots of C-10, in the thickets of cultural nationalism

May 15 2021 — Andrew Coyne

How did it come to this? Leave aside, for the moment, the implications – for free speech, for Canada’s reputation, for net neutrality – of Bill C-10, the federal government’s misbegotten effort to catch the internet in the same regulatory web as that which has long enveloped the conventional broadcasting industry. Leave aside, too, the […]

A crisis of confidence in the Canadian Armed Forces

May 14 2021 — Paul Wells

In May 2019, 2,622 members of the Canadian Armed Forces filled out a survey on their feelings about their work environment and career prospects. In one question, respondents were asked whether they agree with the statement: “I have confidence in the leadership of the CAF.” Among regular force personnel, the term for full-time members as […]

May 15 2021 — Feodor Poukhovski-Sheremetyev

“#GetReal” is the defining hashtag of this Mental Health Week. As youth facing the coming mental health repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask: what does getting real look like? Doctors are warning that social isolation and a lack of accessible mental health services have formed a perfect storm for what some call a “second pandemic” of […]

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May 14 2021 — Matt Gurney

Premier Doug Ford‘s press conference on Thursday went about exactly the way you would have expected. It was perhaps one of the least-surprising press conferences I have ever seen. Much of what was announced was not only predictable but had been predicted. Ontario will, as widely rumoured, extend the current stay-at-home order until at least […]

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May 14 2021 — Arthur Milnes

Even political opponents — now and at the time — of then-Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau agree that the speech by Canada’s 15th PM on this date in 1980 was one of his best he ever delivered. And the stakes could not have been higher. Less than a week before the 1980 Quebec Referendum, Mr. […]

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