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Jul 3 2020 — Rachel Gilmore

The federal ethics commissioner has launched an investigation into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his government’s now-cancelled decision to have WE Charity manage a $900-million federal program, which is slated to pay students and new graduates for their volunteer work this summer. In an email sent to, Chantal Gagnon, a spokesperson from the Prime […]

Exclusive: WE Charity offered summer camps up to $25,000 to host volunteers

Jul 3 2020 —

WE Charity offered Canadian summer camps up to $25,000 in grants as part of the $912-million federal student volunteer program it was awarded by the Liberal government, before cancelling the deal Friday, but only if they brought in no fewer than 75 volunteers over a few months, National Post has learned. On Friday, Prime Minister […]

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Canada resets its China policy in reaction to Hong Kong moves

Jul 4 2020 — Daphne Bramham

For decades, Canada’s political, academic and corporate elites have been heavily invested in the belief that with engagement China could be coaxed into something resembling a rights-based, citizen-focused country. Close ties have been established between universities here and there. Judges, lawyers, artists, journalists along with politicians from every level including school boards, have been part […]

How anti-Black racism on Canadian university campuses robs us all

Jul 4 2020 —

I attended Western University in the early 2000s with a cohort of first-generation Black Canadian friends from my high school in Ajax, Ont. At Western, we became active in the Black Student Association (BSA). The BSA pushed the department of English to offer a course on African American literature. They were reportedly told by the […]

Brian Mulroney’s Big Ideas

Jul 3 2020 — L. Ian MacDonald

Brian Mulroney was sitting out the pandemic lockdown with his wife Mila at their winter home in Palm Beach a few weeks ago, when he began receiving notes from Phillip Crawley, publisher and CEO of the Globe and Mail. Crawley explained that the paper was launching a series of opinion pieces called the Zero Canada Project […]

Justin Trudeau vs. the old boys

Jul 2 2020 — Paul Wells

There is a notion, apparently widespread, in the political alumni club that on some key issues we don’t actually have a prime minister. Here’s an odd thing about this interview Brian Mulroney gave the Globe the other day about Canada and China. As interventions from foreign-policy heavyweights of a certain age go, this one was […]

We Charity scrutiny trips up Trudeau

Jul 3 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hasn’t had any problem using the vast resources of the federal government to hand out almost $169 billion to Canadians in COVID-19 relief. Given that, it’s hard to understand why his government was incapable of administering, on its own, a $912-million grant to post-secondary students to do volunteer work. And it’s […]

Time for Canada the punching bag to start hitting back at China

Jul 3 2020 —

The prime minister is right that we should not capitulate to China and free Meng Wanzhou, CFO of telecom giant Huawei, held on extradition charges in her Vancouver mansion, in exchange for Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, brutally imprisoned in China on bogus charges of espionage. Although the Michaels and their families are suffering terribly, […]

Freedom is dying in Hong Kong, if anybody cares

Jul 2 2020 — Andrew Coyne

Oh, by the way, Hong Kong just disappeared. You may have been distracted by other things, what with Canada Day celebrations and baseball’s pending return and all. Certainly you would not have been disturbed by anything your government did or said about it. But it is true: What once was the world’s freest city, a […]

Jul 3 2020 — Carlo Handy Charles and Veronica Øverlid

The federal government has rolled out a $9-billion aid package for Canadian students affected by the pandemic. But not only have many international students been left out of the program because of its eligibility criteria; some are being asked to pay even higher tuition fees. Several Canadian universities are hiking tuition fees for international students […]

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Jul 2 2020 —

Brian Mulroney is having a moment, and it’s not a senior moment. He is stirring things up and speaking out on the most important public policy challenges facing our country. It is time to reflect upon his domestic and foreign policy achievements as prime minister and, more importantly, to listen to what this wise elder […]

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Jul 2 2020 — John Ibbitson

The lacklustre race for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is further evidence of the impossibility of conservatism in our time. A confluence of health, economic and political crises has rendered the right irrelevant. When asked for answers to the challenges we face, conservatism is mute. Former senior Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay and […]

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Jul 2 2020 —

COVID-19 has prompted the federal government to support individuals through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). Simultaneously, advocacy for a basic annual income has exploded, with some suggesting the CERB could evolve into a basic income. Basic income has become the Swiss Army knife of social policy. Beyond offering sufficient income to manage the daily […]

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Hugh Downs, genial presence on TV news and game shows, dies

Jul 2 2020 —

Hugh Downs, the genial, versatile broadcaster who became one of television’s most familiar and welcome faces with more than 15,000 hours on news, game and talk shows, has died at age 99. Downs died of natural causes at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Wednesday, said his great-niece, Molly Shaheen. “The Guinness Book of World […]


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