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TORONTO - A look at Ontario Progressive Conservative deputy leader Christine Elliott, who has joined the race to replace party leader Tim Hudak.

Born: April 13, 1955 in Oshawa, Ont.

Education: Law degree from the University of Western Ontario, 1978.

Career: Practised law from 1980-81 and 1988-2006; worked as senior investigator for the province's ombudsman from 1981-84; worked as international audit counsel at Bank of Nova Scotia from 1984-88; member of provincial parliament since 2006.

Hobbies: Gardening, skiing, running and walking her dog Guinness.

Family: Elliott is the widow of former finance minister Jim Flaherty. The couple has 22-year-old triplet sons, Galen, John and Quinn.

Quote:"I'm a lot tougher than people think. I think the experiences that I've had in the last few months would demonstrate that. I think it's really a matter of style over substance. I do have a different style than some other people. That doesn't mean that I'm not tough. I'm certainly ready to take on this challenge and I'm ready to lead.

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